Parent's Solution To
Preschool And
Daycare Involvement

Kindertag is the all-encompassing solution to managing your child's early education and daily experience, all in one, simple to use mobile and web application. Becoming an integral part of your child's experience just became possible.

Parents can get feedback on daily schedules, learning activities, even nap time and snack time via photo and video uploads, with Kindertag, parents have a virtual peek into their child's day, and they can stay involved and informed about their child's development and experiences while at school.

Be A Part Of Your
Child's Day at school

Parents need statistics on their children in order to effectively parent at home as well. Being able to know how much children sleep, eat, play, and drink, as well as bathroom activity, are essential in order to continue to provide quality care after their daycare experience ends. Continue reading...

If your child has special needs, or if medication is needed and administered at regular times throughout the day, having documentation of this information is very important. In addition, having information about learning activities your child is covering during academic time is beneficial as well. Parents then have the opportunity to continue learning activities and enrichment at home. With Kindertag, all of this information is a mere swipe away, all documentation is entered specific to your child, and you have the opportunity to interact with teachers and ask questions that will be answered in a timely manner. Read Less...

Attendance With

With Kindertag, keeping track of your child's attendance is simple and effective. Teachers and other staff are notified of drop off and pick up times, as well as absences that occur during a billing period. There is no more need for billing and payment disputes based on attendance with the app, for everything is recorded and calculated for you. Parents are also able to see any missed activities during a missed day, and can interact with the teacher with any questions they may have.

Photo Sharing

Oftentimes, very important milestones for a child are achieved while in daycare or in preschool. Achievements such as taking first steps, learning to eat with a fork and creating original artwork are missed by busy parents, and these moments are meant to be shared, for they are truly priceless. Continue reading...

Parents will be delighted to get real time updates on their children, to see their social and academic development, and to celebrate with them as they achieve these important steps in their growth and development. Kindertag offers real time photo and video, documenting these precious memories for parents and children.Read Less...

Easy and Convenient

With Kindertag, there is no need to connect with a billing office or administration to pay your fees in a timely manner; all receipts and invoices are sent electronically, and an additional tab is set up for secured and easy payment.

Involve friends and
family, approve
family members for
pick up and drop

Approve family members for pick up and drop with Kindertag you can approve grandparents, caregivers, friends and family to pick up and drop your child at school, you also have an option to share photos and updates with them.