We offer support for a wide range of devices so you choose to use Kindertag on the device that best suits you. Your information is seamlessly synced across devices.

Features designed for early
education institutes

Kindertag offers features including instant messaging to easily communicate with Parents, record Check-in and Check-out time, Share Digital Daily Reports, Tag Photos, Create Notes, Create Events and Paperless Billing.


Monitor attendance by checking students in and out time. Teachers and staff members can check the students check-in and check-out time and mark their own attendance which is recorded and tagged using GPS location so admins get push notifications when you arrive and leave.

Reports of activities at school

Send parents real time updates on their children's daily activities. Their lunchroom and nap time habits, learning activities, let parents know when their child do something praise worthy and send praises on their

Timely and Effective

The Instant Messaging feature allows for back and forth communication between parents and teachers.


Calendar feature allows teachers to set important dates which can be used to create events for student participants and their parents. Additionally, calendar allows parents to accept these event notifications or deny them based on their schedule availability.

Invoices, payment reminders

Kindertag utilizes secure paperless billing which means that you can send invoices and reminders to collect payments. Checks and cash that are used for payment can also be recorded in Kindertag App to ensure that all your financial data is stored together.

Manage multiple locations

With Kindertag, you can expand and be in control. The App allows you to be in all places at once, bridging your multiple locations and putting you in control.

Features Parents love

Kindertag is an all-encompassing solution to managing your child's early education and daily experience, all in one simple to use application. Becoming an integral part of your child's experience just became possible.


Kindertag offers real time photo, documenting precious memories for parents and children. Celebrate with children as they achieve important steps in their growth and development.

Reports of activities at school

Parents need statistics on their children to effectively parent at home as well. Being able to know how much children sleep, eat, play, and drink as well as bathroom activity, are essential to continue to provide quality care after their daycare experience ends. Every documentation is entered specific to your child. All these information are now a mere swipe away with Kindertag.


With Kindertag, keeping track of your child's attendance is simple and effective. Teachers and other staff are notified of pick up and drop times as well as absences that occur during a billing period.


A calendar option allows teachers to set important dates and create events for student participants. Additionally, allowing parents to either accept or deny these event notifications based on their schedule.

Timely and Effective

The messaging feature allows back and forth communication between parents and teachers.

Pay school fees online

With Kindertag, there is no need to connect with a billing office or administration to pay your fees in a timely manner; all receipts and invoices are sent electronically and an additional tab is set up for secured and easy payment.

Approve family members
for pick up and drop

With Kindertag you can approve grandparents, caregivers, friends and family to pick-up and drop your child at school. You also have an option to share photos and updates with them.