Revolutionising early

Kindertag is the all encompassing solution to managing your
preschool, day-care and early education center, simple to use
mobile and web application.

With Kindertag you can easily communicate with parents, share
digital daily reports, Photos, note, reminders as well as paperless
billing and parents can engage with their children's education.

Share precious

We enable teachers to share real time photo and video, documenting precious memories for parents and children, using the technology you can make parents never have to feel separated from their child as they grow. Continue reading...

Oftentimes, very important milestones for a child are achieved while in daycare or in preschool. Throughout the preschool age, children are experiencing a lot of first times, first new puzzle, first finger paintings, even their first steps by themselves. As a parent, it can be disappointing to miss a first for their child and these moments are meant to be shared, for they are truly priceless. Parents will be delighted to get real time updates on their children, to see their social and academic development, and to celebrate with them as they achieve these important steps in their growth and development. Read Less...

Digital Attendance


You can also use the app to monitor attendance by checking students in and out. This would notify parents and admin in real time about student attendance and is useful for parents who rely on a caretaker to bring their children to and from school. It is also extremely useful for schools to keep a record of the students and avoid billing disputes.

Parent attendance

You can allow for the parents to check their student in and out, alerting you in real time when a child is dropped off or ready to be picked up.

Teacher attendance

You can also mark your own attendance as a teacher, which is recorded and tagged using GPS location so admins get push notifications when you arrive and leave.

Reports of activities
at school

Through the app, teachers can send parents real time updates on their children's daily activities, as well as photos. Now you will be able to show the interactive activities that they engage in while at preschool or daycare, their lunchroom and nap time habits, and make the parents feel like a part of the classroom. Continue reading...

You are also able to directly tell parents when students do something praise worthy and can send notes on their behavior. This communication is only between staff and parents, school administrator(s) have an option of reviewing all the activities to approve before sharing, ensuring parents get the most important updates every day. Read Less...

Connecting parents

With Kindertag you can connect parents to their children's daily life while they are at daycare or preschool. Parents need statistics on their children in order to effectively parent at home as well. Being able to know how much children sleep, eat, play, and drink, as well as bathroom activity, are essential in order to continue to provide quality care after their daycare experience ends. Continue reading...

If the child has special needs, or if medication is needed and administered at regular times throughout the day, having documentation of this information is very important. This is also beneficial by allowing the parent to see exactly what their child is studying to help them at home. You can show that the lesson today is over numbers 1 through 10 and parents can work with them at home to help them understand better. Kindertag not only lets you keep in contact with parents but also facilitates student knowledge by ensuring parents are able to help tutor them precisely in what they are learning. Read Less...

Timely And Effective

Kindertag offers many options for keeping in touch with caregivers, teachers, and other staff who care for children. The messaging feature allows for back and forth communication between parents and teachers. Continue reading...

If a field trip were approaching, for example, teachers could send a message that an umbrella may be needed for each child. Parents can use the messaging feature to ask questions about academic content, give the staff information about a poor night's sleep or a missed breakfast, or any other information relevant to their child. The more information passes back and forth between parents and teachers, the more effectively children can have their daily needs met. Read Less...

Share Calendar

A calendar option allows teachers to set important dates for student participants, and it additionally allows parents to accept these notifications or deny them, based on their schedule availability. Continue reading...

For instance, if teachers are looking for chaperones for an upcoming field trip, the calendar option provides a place for parents to accept an invitation to do so. Celebrations, parties, and extracurricular days are also documented in the calendar feature, so you have upcoming events at your fingertips. Never miss another important date for your child, thanks to these features. Read Less...

Send Invoices,
payment reminders
and receipts

Kindertag utilizes secure paperless billing, which means that you can send invoices, reminders, and collect payments from parents using this app. Checks and cash that are used for payment can also be recorded in the app to ensure that all your financial data is stored together.

Manage multiple

As an administrator, growth is a great thing that allows more parents to enroll their children due to closer location, but sometimes expansion can make your job more difficult. While you may be excellent at supervising and managing one location, with Kindertag you can expand and be in control. We allow you to be in all places at once, bridging your multiple locations and putting you in control.